Cats MEOW for Capital Kitty!


24/7 Care for Cats and Kittens! Pick Up , Drop off & Tours by appointment 8am-8pm Daily (except Holidays)


A day in Capital Kitty is designed for your cat's pleasure.   Our Kitty Condos have multiple levels, scratchers, and enclosed spaces to make your kitty feel comfortable.  Windows allow us to keep a watchful eye on your cat and for them to enjoy the action around them.   We even have movie nights...just for your enjoy.   

A day of boarding at Capital Kitty includes playtime in our kitty playground and interaction with a cat loving professional.  Playtime will be offered twice a day (for cats staying overnight) for at least a full hour of play!

We know that time away from your cat can be stressful and want you to rest assured that your cat is in good hands.  While boarding with us, cats receive 24 hour care, that includes playtime and cat naps with a cat loving professional.   We also provide a daily report card and pictures so that you can see for yourself, and know how your cat is spending each day.

Your cat or kitten is an individual and we want to cater to his or her every need.   We encourage you to bring bedding, toys, food and litter for your kitty (please label everything with your cat's first name and your last name.)  We can even let you set up your Kitty's Condo the way that your cat would want.    

Your cat's comfort is out first priority!  We supply bedding, litter boxes, food and water bowls (and Brita-filtered water)  to all cats in our care, with no additional charges.   In addition, we have lots of fun cat toys in our playroom!  So, whether or not you bring some items from home, all cats are pampered with all the at-home comforts that they deserve.

Cat Daycare

Have a cat that just needs more attention than you can offer right now?   Or, getting work done on your house and need to keep the kitty safe for the day?  We can help!  Our Kitty Daycare is a safe and welcoming home away from home.  Our Kitty Professionals will offer love and attention, and a romp in our Kitty Playground, for all cats staying for daycare.
Daycare can also be a lifesaver for cats that need regular medication, or convalescent care.   We know that your schedule can be hectic, so we offer a way for your kitty to get the care that he or she needs when you can't be there.   Cats must be non-contagious while in our care. 

Price List

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