About Us

From the Owners of Doggy Style Bakery, Boutique & Pet Spa

For years, we have heard the cries of cat owners around the city.   There are so many businesses that cater to dogs, but few recognize the incredible love we have for kitties.  Capital Kitty (formerly Itty Bitty & Kitty City) is here to change that!  We love kitties and have created a safe, welcoming space for them to get 24-hour care, when you can't be there.     We also offer Cat Nail Trims and Teeth Brushing.  Please call ahead at 202-855-4800 to be sure someone is available.

Cats Vacation in Custom-built Kitty Condos

If we were going to show our love for kitties, we had to start from scratch.   We have custom-built luxurious kitty condos that cater to your kitty's every need.  These condos include a bedroom, bathroom, dining room and living room, all designed with your cat's comfort in mind. And, we are offering 24-hour care for your kitty, which includes at least 1 hour of quality playtime in our kitty playground!   Plus, if your cat requires medication, we are happy to provide this service, including both pills and injections.

Now that's one spoiled kitty!

We know that your cat has needs...and lots of them.   Our Kitty-loving professionals are here to cater to your cat's meow.  Just let us know what we can do to help!